Top 5 Richest Cryptocurrency Holders

There are many top richest Cryptocurrency holders lists available online, they all feature different line-ups and it can be very difficult to come up with a definitive list. After all, how many people besides yourself and your bank would be able to tell you your bank balance?

To compile my list, I have looked at high profile holders of a Cryptocurrency market and then put them in order of how many Cryptocurrencies they’re expected to hold. Some of these names might not be well known in Crypto circles while the others will be very familiar.

Another major issue when compiling a list of Crypto holders is establishing who still reasonably holds their currency. At the end of 2017, there was a tsunami of Crypto selling which saw the market almost bottom out. Given that many out-dated lists mention founders of currencies that have now sold most of their assets it is difficult to ascertain which of these “Crypto-billionaires” are now cash-rich and which ones are Crypto-rich.

For that reason, founders and owners of Crypto projects like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple have been excluded.

So, here are my top 5 richest Cryptocurrency holders.

Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson is a very well-known podcaster and public speaker that uses the Patreon crowd funding platform to generate income. Because some of his material is considered controversial, he is banned from monetizing his YouTube videos and often makes his living from Bitcoin donations.

It is estimated that Peterson generates between fifty thousand and one hundred thousand dollars each month with a fair portion of that being Bitcoin donations. Peterson is very positive about Cryptocurrency and is known to hold onto his Bitcoin and selling it at a profit. Given Bitcoins’ steep rise as of late, it is likely that Peterson currently holds over a million dollars’ worth of Bitcoin making him a significant Cryptocurrency holder without being too actively involved in the Crypto world.

His current total net worth is estimated (again it is hard to pinpoint an accurate figure) at around two million dollars.

Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan like Peterson is somewhat of an Internet sensation. He also holds tremendous influence through his Joe Rogan Experience podcast, where he frequently talks about Cryptocurrency. So influential is Rogan that if he makes a claim on his podcast the Crypto market reacts.

Currency has been known to jump and drop in value as a result of Rogan’s podcasts. This is all fantastic news for Joe Rogan as a portion of his one hundred and fifty thousand dollars a week income is made in Bitcoin donations and subscriptions. Rogan effectively has the power to manipulate a market that he has many assets in.

Rogan likely holds tens of millions of dollars’ worth of Bitcoin. He is also extremely positive about the Cryptocurrency market as a whole and frequently expounds the positive impact of various Blockchain projects that he has heard about. Rogan is probably the most Crypto “non-Crypto” person you will come across and although he isn’t massively active in specific Crypto communities, he is an avid supporter and significant holder.


Rather oddly Bulgaria is sitting on a pot of Bitcoin that continues to grow. Since mid-2017 they have been targeting criminal enterprises that are using the dark-net to conduct business. Because they have been targeting criminal enterprises in the shady underbelly of the internet, they have also acquired a fortune in Bitcoin. By the end of 2017, they had amassed a small fortune with an estimated two hundred thousand Bitcoin in their treasury.

This holds a market value of two billion dollars at the time of writing (using CEX.IO conversion). In perspective that is in excess of Bulgarian gold reserves which have an estimated market value just over one billion dollars.

Given that they have continued to target Bitcoin criminals it is very likely they are amassing a very large Bitcoin pot indeed. Potentially rivaling the highest known Bitcoin holdings.

Coinbase and CEX.IO

These two are the largest Cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Both company’s founders have extensive Crypto investment across multiple currencies and these exchanges are probably on par with one another for Crypto holdings. It is unknown how much stock is held by the exchanges at any given time but it is fair to say with such high trading volumes that they would exceed even the mighty Bulgarian pot of Bitcoin.

Brian Armstrong (founder and CEO of Coinbase) is known for his wide personal Crypto investment and has a net worth of over a billion dollars as a result. Oleksandr Lutskevych (founder and CEO of CEX.IO) tends to keep his personal dealings private but we know from his public profile that before his founding of the CEX.IO exchange he owned the largest Bitcoin mining conglomerate, one that wielded enough power to disrupt the price of Bitcoin.

These exchanges are probably holding billions in Cryptocurrency across the full spectrum of the market.

The Elusive Satoshi Nakamoto

We do not have much information about Satoshi Nakamoto. He is known to be the person that authored the Bitcoin whitepaper and is therefore credited as founding Bitcoin. It is estimated that he has huge holdings of Bitcoin with a value of around seventeen billion dollars.

Unlike other founders, Nakamoto hasn’t publicly stated any bulk sale of currency and also unlike other founders, Nakamoto would struggle to sell even a portion of his holding without damaging the price of Bitcoin. This is the reason why he tops the list and why he is the only Cryptocurrency founder to do so because he couldn’t sell his pot of Bitcoin even if he wanted to because as he sold off his stock he would be devaluing his remaining holdings.

It would take decades of drip selling for Nakamoto to deplete his entire stock of Bitcoin and with the currency rising so significantly in value it likely isn’t an attractive prospect to even drip sell it.

What do you think of the top 5 richest Crypto holders? Should I have included the founding billionaires of Ripple, Ethereum and others? Is there ever going to be a definitive list? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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