About Us

DigitalCoinOwner.org is a news publication that follows cryptocurrency development with the goal of providing balanced information to the people interested or are actively participating in the altcoin community. DigitalCoinOwner.org aggregates  articles from selected and curated articles that have been written by professionals adhering to proper journalism ethics. We also provide original articles from selected individuals offering insights based on their personal experiences with mining, trading and HODL-ing.

We aimed to create a serious, thoughtful and fact-driven news outlet that the crypt-community deserves. DigitalCoinOwner.org also welcomes views and opinions from every part of the globe.

DigitalCoinOwner.org differs from other sources by providing a good mix of longer term analytic reporting, investigative journalism, personal experiences and of course breaking news. Our mission is to maintain balanced view of what is really happening in this new digital coin market space.

As DigitalCoinOwner.org gathers steam, we will focus our reports on new frontiers and emerging markets around the world. We believe there are crucial areas for cryptocurrency adoption in the future which will determine if it lives or dies. Keeping a close eye on the trends and sharing it with you is our main focus so that everyone can participate and benefit from cryptocurrency technology.

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