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The Blockchain knows everything

A powerful alliance of corporations and authorities is working on a transnational digital identity for everyone. That brings risks. “Every seventh person is excluded from government benefits because they cannot prove their identity,” says Dakota…

Which Industries Will Blockchain Disrupt Next?

While mainstream financial institutions in the U.S. have generally been reluctant to dive in to the cryptocurrency market head first, many companies and industries have been far more likely to explore the possibilities inherent in…

Are “Permissioned Blockchains” Real Blockchains?

Even after bitcoin gained some name recognition – as nerd money, as a lubricant for dark web commerce, as a latter-day Semper Augustus – its technological underpinnings remained obscure to all but the most dedicated…

How Health Care Is Moving Toward Blockchain

Although individuals on different sides of the political spectrum are likely to disagree about what’s to be done to fix the U.S. health care system, few would likely dispute that the sector is in rough…

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