My Cryptocurrency Education

The very first thing I had to do was convince myself that Blockchain Technology was here to stay. Blockchain is the core reason cryptocurrencies work at all so I needed to understand its future potential. I searched around the Internet and found many videos, articles and forum posts on different aspects, predictions and point of views. I learned that most of the people producing the social media content feel into two groups, the hype train camp or the gloom and doom camp. The commonality I found between these two camps was a lack of understanding of how the technology actually worked and the inability to apply supporting logic to their positions.

I continued my research and I stumbled across the book “Mastering Bitcoin” by Andreas Antonopoulos. The publisher is the very reputable O’Reilly that is a source of information that I have always trusted. If you would like a condensed and easy to consume unbiased explanation of Blockchain please view following video by Andreas himself.

Andreas’ explanation of Blockchain Technology, its’ history and the possible future gave me the understanding I was searching to find. I gained a logical insight on Blockchain, a technical insight of how it works and a perspective of its impact if it becomes adopted worldwide. I did more research on Andreas Antonopoulos and learned that he is considered an expert in the field of cryptocurrency.

After reading and viewing presentations from Andreas, I decided that I would get involved with cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology. Andreas was not selling anything and not hyping specific products. Andreas has the sole focus is educating people about cryptocurrency and the technological elements that help to make it happen.

So I listened with great interest and learned about the monetary openness, border-less, transnational, neutral, network-centric trust, consensus rules and censorship resistant properties of Bitcoin. The one thing that struck home with me was realizing that “cryptocurrency” is just the first application of Blockchain Technology and not the technology itself. There will be more Blockchain applications in the future and that excites me.

My main reason for participating is due to a core fundamental of Bitcoin, which is that it is decentralized. I view my participation as my vote for the decentralized, global, trusted free flow of money. The power and potential is best captured in the following video. Please watch this video and I promise you will come away with a altered vision of the future and the power of decentralized money.

If you still do not understand and believe in how decentralized money fundamentally benefits and empowers all the people of world, then you should not get involved with any cryptocurrency at any level. On the other hand, if decentralized money now makes sense to you and you want it to happen, the only way to cast your thumbs-up vote is to participate.

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