My Entry Into Cryptocurrency

I have been interested in Bitcoin since it was invented but I did not pay much attention until Bitcoin reached a price over $10,000 USD per coin.  I had obviously slept on this newly budding industry and decided to do a bunch of research, learn as much as possible and determine what, if any, moves I should make to obtain a sliver of cryptocurrency pie.

I search the Internet and read pages upon pages of information, read many books and publications, talked with people who had purchased and sold Bitcoins. I gathered up various opinions from investors in stocks, bonds, gold and silver about Bitcoin and its future. Then I interviewed many individuals participating heavily in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies aka Altcoins.

During my efforts to get fairly educated enough on Bitcoin and Altcoins to start making decisions for myself I realized a few important things. Firstly, the amount of information available is overwhelming and it ranges from the completely far left of the bell curve (insanely stupid) to the far right (pure genius).  Secondly, how easy it is for people with bad intentions to swindle people out of their money by using age old scams thinly veiled by the shinny new “digital coins” with promises of being rich in just a few weeks or even days.

It took me a good length of time to wade through all the information, determine what was useful and what needed to be tossed in the trash.  I then realized how much effort it took for me to get knowledgeable enough to start investing in Bitcoin and how I was going to go about doing so.  This was so difficult and time consuming that I needed a resource or two that I could trust and I also wanted to be able to share my findings and adventures with my family and friends in case they too wanted to try to obtain some Bitcoin or other Altcoins.

So I created Digital Coin for the vary purpose of gathering quality information on cryptocurrency and depositing into a single location so me and my friends and family have a much easier time of figuring out the true state of things in this new frontier.  I am inviting other individuals with real experience and on going efforts in cryptocurrency to share their stories here as well so that you can gain knowledge from our travels along the many roads we travel.

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